The Parables of the Kingdom examines the powerful and life-changing messages of the kingdom of heaven as proclaimed by Jesus. By studying these messages, you will gain a greater understanding of the nature, character, and influence of the kingdom of God, and you will be empowered to live for the kingdom of God here on earth. This book has been used in a lot of bible collages around the world and it has blessed and empowered many. 

IRevisiting the Foundations, Dr Kazumba Charles shows you how to build a strong and unshakable foundation. Behind every social and spiritual problem stands the greater problem of the foundation. The foundation of our life is the source of our spiritual strength and stability. We cannot withstand or overcome the demonic forces of this world without building a strong spiritual foundation.  This book has blessed a lot of local church around the world. 

The Weapon of Forgiveness covers ten very important topics that will change and revolutionize your life. Covering topics such as forgiveness, the power of your tongue, and the power of reconciliation, this book will guide you on your own path to forgiveness and freedom from guilt. The power and anointing of God revealed in the discussion of these topics will set you on a path to your breakthrough and victory--a victory that begins with forgiveness.