The Power Of A Vision

The Power Of A Vision

Did you know you that the greatest gift God gave mankind is the gift of vision and not sight? You know why? because sight is limited to what it can see or to the capacity of the eyes. That is why the Bible encourages us to walk by faith and not by sight.

Sight shows you what you are and your troubles of today, but vision shows you what you could be and the victory of tomorrow. Sight always shows us what is, but vision shows us what could be.

sight captures the present, but vision captures the future. The truth is that sight is the function of the eyes, but vision is the function of the heart. You need to have a vision in your life. Having a vision in your life is the greatest source of hope. But remember also that any vision that benefits only you is not from God. The vision that improves the lives of others, communities, Nations and help transform the lives of People through the power of God is from God.


Having a Godly inspired vision in your life is a powerful tool that will help you overcame your fears of today and give you hope.


The source of vision is inspiration, the source of inspiration is passion, the source of passion is purpose, the source of purpose is divine impartation from God's power and presence. 

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